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about the project

Vilopaus is an initiative by the artist Sara Rad, where the aim is to create spaces for rest and recover in the suburbs of Stockholm.

Studies show that people who are in constant fight/flight mode due to stress and anxiety, do not have a healthy functioning immune system, as the body needs rest to repair and recover. This condition does not allow us to dream and visualize a future.

Vilopaus is a space for collective rest, dreaming and exchanges, as well as a place where we learn of different resting strategies. Each event is led by a different workshop leader who will share their way on how to rest and recover.

about the event

Dreamweaver and Amina Seid Tahir
11 December, 2022
Residence Botkyrka

Dreamweaver (drömvävar) is expressing a longing for collective rest and dreaming. A manifestation where dreams can act as seeds to sow new worlds and futures. Where there is time to take care of ourselves and each other, because it is a necessity and a right. Dreamweaver is rest, and a place to share collective wisdom – a gathering of dreams.

During the get-together, we will sew a quilt from our pillowcases while sharing our thoughts and dreams with each other. The evening ends with us eating a dinner together.

Dreamweaver is a separatist moment for people from the Global Majority. This is because there is a longing and desire to create our own room for dreaming and resting, away from the white gaze. A moment where we can meet in experiences and share strategies to take care of ourselves and each other while allowing each other to dream. Simply, a place for us, by us.

Amina Seid Tahir (she/her) is a Swedish/Eritrean artist based in Stockholm. She is currently studying fine art at Konstfack. In her multidisciplinary practice, she currently focuses on collective rest and healing.