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Tracy Peters



about the artist

Tracy Peters is a multidisciplinary artist based in Winnipeg, Canada, on Treaty 1 Territory. Her work examines the entanglements of human and non-human processes in response to eroding landscapes and environmental/climate crises.

I am drawn to threatened habitats that are in the midst of cataclysmic change. What deeply motivates me is resilient behaviour in ecosystems that enable their adaptation to human intervention. Often, I carry out my work and research in natural environments where unpredictable weather and ecological surprises challenge me to adapt my studio production to biological processes.

about the residency

At Residence Botkyrka, Tracy is furthering investigations on the analogies between human and non-human processes. The site-specific research will incorporate themes such as restoration, preservation, fragility and survival – all characteristics of a bog.

Both Manitoba and Sweden have a high concentration of peatland. These bog habitats function as protective blankets that filter and store water, regulate flooding and drought, and are the most efficient carbon sinks on Earth. Sweden is also one of the leading countries in peatland restoration and climate action. Sphagnum moss grows on the surface like a skin that protects a bog environment.

exhibition at AllArtNow

Entangled Ecologies
17 – 21 September, 2022
AllArtNow Lab

Entangled Ecologies by Canadian artist Tracy Peters that builds on her investigation of the bog as an ecological skin and preserver of life.

Both Canada and Sweden have a high concentration of peatland, which climate scientists consider one of the most efficient ecosystems on earth. During her residency in Stockholm, Peters traveled to Store Mosse National Park which is the largest protected bog in Sweden.

Peters has been focussing on Sphagnum moss as a protective blanket that grows on the surface of bogs. In Sweden, she searched below the surface for analogies between the bog and the human body as interdependent processes.

Her sensitivity towards the bog in Småland has resulted in photo-based installation, animation and video to deepen her understanding of peatland as a space of preservation that protects and nurtures the environment it inhabits.

Entangled Ecologies will situate visitors in a space below ground level and intend to convey ideas about regeneration cycles, and the bog as a liminal space suspended between death and life.


collaboration and support

The residency program is organized by AllArtNow, supported by Manitoba Arts Council, The Swedish Arts Council and Residence Botkyrka