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about the artist

They Are Here (formed in 2006) is a collaborative practice steered by Helen Walker and Harun Morrison. They are currently based in London and on the River Lea. Their work can be read as a series of context-specific games. The entry, invitation or participation can be as being as significant as the game’s conditions and structure. Through these games, they seek to create ephemeral systems and temporary micro-communities that offer an alternate
means of engaging with a situation, history or ideology. In parallel, they initiate open-ended
multi-year projects that become generative spaces for further works. These can be manifested as performances, publications, videos, soundworks, informal gatherings, meals and discussions.

about the residency

They Are Here were IASPIS grant holders in Stockholm during the autumn 2018, as well as doing research within the programme of Residence Botkyrka / Botkyrka konsthall. In October, Harun Morrison held an artist talk in the apartment. In 2019, They Are Here participated in the group exhibition FROM HERE at Botkyrka konsthall.


exhibition in botkyrka konsthall

They Are Here
Welcome: Fittja
Assembled doormats, variable dimensions (2019)

The work “Welcome” is a sculpture which takes its cue from Homer’s line in Season 10 Episode 19 of The Simpsons: “Lisa, that’s it! I’ve got an idea for a wonderful art project that’ll make everyone love me again! Step one: steal all the doormats in town”. This iteration of the work is assembled from doormats sourced primarily in Fittja and more widely across Stockholm in exchange for a limited edition artwork.

The exhibition From Here weaves together stories about a place; about being on your way to or from, about leaving and coming back. It sets out new paths and creates spaces for communities and imagination. The exhibition takes “the place” as its point of departure, presenting works that relate to, or engage with, the locality in different ways. During the exhibition period, there will be a series of events highlighting themes and questions explored in the artists’ work. There will also be a number of collective walks around northern Botkyrka.

Participating artists: Emma Dominguez, Ricard Estay, Juanma González, Rudy Loewe and They Are Here.

Botkyrka art collection

They Are Here
Stone spell
light and dark stones gathered on a building site in Fittja, glass container, audio (1 min)

The spell is one of a number collated and re-written by Scott Cunningham (1956 – 1993), a writer who revived and advocated pagan practices in the latter-half of the 20th century.

They Are Here, Stone Spell (2010/2019) in the exhibition Matters of the Heart, Botkyrka konsthall, 2023

They Are Here, Stone Spell (2010/2019) in the exhibition Matters of the Heart, Botkyrka konsthall, 2023

collaboration and support

IASPIS (residence programme 2018)