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Tarek Zaki



about the artist

Tarek Zaki (b. 1975) is a visual artist based in Cairo, Egypt.

about the residency

Through his participation in Residence Botkyrka the Egyptian artist Tarek Zaki has been in Fittja and Alby on several occasions. In connection with an urban development where a water pipe was placed between Alby and Tumba, Tarek was commissioned to make a public artwork. The artist has an interest in the history, stories, and archaeology that make up a place. On a lawn next to a walkway in Alby a collection of sculptures in concrete is forms a town in miniature. The artist was inspired by stories from the area and archaeological findings in Botkyrka. The concrete installation is meant to be used by passers-by and invites people to sit or climb on it.

Text from the New Biennial for Art & Architecture in Botkyrka 2014.


Tarek Zaki, Untitled, 2014

public art commission

Tarek Zaki
Untitled (2014)

Sculpture installation in concrete (1% commission)
Location: South of the junction Hågelbyleden/Albyvägen, on the Alby side of the subway towards Eriksberg. Link to google map.

collaboration and support

Residence Botkyrka is supported by Botkyrkabyggen.