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about the artist

Founded in 2009 by artists Julia Adzuki and Patrick Dallard, SymbioLab is mobile laboratory for relational art, ecology and listening.

about the residency

SymbioLab has participated in several of Residence Botkyrka’s programmes where a mobile greenhouse and a crêpes truck investigated ecological cycles during Fittja Open 2012. They have also converted a large Ash tree from Fittja into a series of tactile sound instruments.


fittja open 2012

SymbioLab Crêpeslopp

In the cul-de-sac of Krögarvägen, SymbioLab brings you a first time fusion of the mobile greenhouse and crêpes wagon. A fully interactive exploration of the ecology of crêpes – from chicken to egg, acorn to crêpe, compost mill to human plantation ceremony.

Eat and be eaten! as the Garra Rufa fish in the greenhouse nibble the dead skin from your fingers you become part of the Aquaponic system. The ammonia of the fish poo is then transformed by the bacteria nitrosomonas sp and nitrobacter sp into nitrate, supplying nutrients to the plants. These human-fed plants are then recycled in the Crêpeslopp. Feast on an acorn crepe, make some juice in the apple digester then burn off some calories on the Composta-Plate, a bicycle powered compostable plate shredder.

Test your hand at dowsing and help us map the ley lines and water veins beneath the asphalt or get grounded in the human plantation ceremony.

fittja festival 2015

We transform one of Fittja’s old ash trees into a series of musical instruments. Instruments that can be experienced with the whole body through vibrations. A tangible sound experience that goes beyond hearing. We begin by exploring the body of the tree and how the human body can fit inside it. After the collective work, the tree will be moved into a studio to be further worked on. Finally, it will be exhibited in the Kännbart exhibition which will tour the country for 2 years. (Fittjafestivalen 2015)

fittja food & art

During Fittja Food & Art 2018, SymbioLab invited visitors to their mobile greenhouse and an opportunity to experience the tactile musical instrument bAUm created from ash trees from Fittja.