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Waypoint (Algeria)



about the project

In the project Waypoint, we are connecting with artists, thinkers, and creatives who are still engaged in their local setting and communities, who are working in continuity with their historical narrative. Dedicated to both preserve, and also to further the cultural heritage of their time, in their home region. Waypoint is an ongoing project that will introduce glimpses into various art scenes in collaboration with artists and curators, still active in their countries.

Current socio-political and economic conditions have created a growing wave of people experiencing a nomadic way of life, constantly having to move, and unable to settle and establish roots. Culture is being expressed, acknowledged and retained in various forms by those in this nomadic condition. Meanwhile, it can be more challenging to pinpoint the still-rooted culture makers of the home region, the intellectuals, and artists who have the vision to shape the future of their locale.

The first Waypoint project is from Algeria. We are collaborating with the art space, BOX 24 which has been established in Algeria since 2008, by artist/curator Walid Aidood. Box24 has grown into a platform for young Algerian artists, facilitating art projects, creating new opportunities and collaborations with an international art scene.

In Waypoint-Algeria, we are exploring questions such as: How are artists defining the idea of their own place and of being local in it? What does it mean to be both mentally and geographically connected to your own culture and history in this day and age? How are the local artists who are living and experiencing the political-social moments in a specific place presented to the rest of the world? How can we connect and engage in a discussion about each other’s perspectives? What is the value of an artist making their statements from his/her daily life, experienced while living in his familiar home region?

Curators: Abir Boukhari & BOX 24

about the residency

Artist Sofiane Zouggar and curator Walid Aidood (BOX 24) was invited to Residence Botkyrka in April, 2019, part of a collaboration with AllArtNow and curator Abir Boukhari.

The exhibition Waypoint (Algeria) opened in AllArtNow on the 29th March, 2019 and an artist talk was held at Residence Botkyrka on the 1st April, 2019.


Artist’s talk with

Waypoint (Algeria) exhibition at AllArtNow in Stockholm, 2019.

collaboration and support

The residency was a collaboration between AllArtNow and Residence Botkyrka, supported by Stockholm stad.