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School in Common & Maria Guggenbichler


School in Common is a nomadic, self-organised platform for discussing, learning and being in common. Combining ideas from critical pedagogy with the core values of commoning, it sets out to create an environment for collaboration, mutual recognition and support.

about the artist

Maria Guggenbichler thinks and un-thinks, laughs, dances, plays, doubts, tricks, listens, talks, walks, organises, works and sabotages, publishes, hides, and spoils the broth with too many cooks, partners-in-crime and friends. Her projects take place in ongoing and long- term collaborations and friendships, often in domestic and self-organised contexts.

about the workshop

Intimacy Manifesto
(The End of Property Relations)
by Maria Guggenbichler in collaboration with School in Common

Intimacy Manifesto is workshop that extends to a gathering, a listening meeting, a group reading and a loose hangout. During the workshop participant will make a slow cooked vegan roast and prepare for a collective sleepover. While the roast is cooking, they will share their favourite songs, associative samples, exercise humble thinking, laugher, political listening, tentative responding and radical empty. The subtatle of the workshop derives from Black Feminist scholar Hortense Spillers’ thinking about the individual as a “formation in relation to property.” In- timacy Manifesto aims to critically investigate non-sexual and queer intimacy and provoke reflection into different forms of boundless relations, community, family and home. These notion might be understood very clearly, yet they go unapologetically against and beyond concepts of the individual, property, and all the other institutions of western racial capitalism such as coupledom, marriage, nuclear family, blood kinship, citizenship and national state, to name a few. Marriage will never set us free – neither will the individual, or subject status. If we want to think of love not as property relation but the end of property relations, what love are we talking about?

School in Common, Intimacy Manifesto, Roast Recipe for the Fittja Kitchen Cookbook

School in Common, Intimacy Manifesto, Roast Recipe for the Fittja Kitchen Cookbook


In Residence Botkyrka’s apartment archive, you can read the artist’s zine Intimate from time to time that gathers poems, reflections, documentation from the sleep over in Residence Botkyrka and a conversation between Alen Ksoll & Rosa Paardenkooper (School in Common) and the artist Maria Guggenbichler.

collaboration and support

Intimacy Manifesto is organised by School in Common as part of a degree project within Curating Art, International Master’s Programme at Stockholm University.