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Phil Hession



about the artist

Phil Hession (b. 1978) is an artist who lives and works in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Phil Hession uses traditional songs that has survived through an oral tradition and presents them in new contexts. He shares knowledge and experiences while trying to listen and learn. The performance works can be seen as exchanges based on a mutual respect and trust.

Text from Fittja Open 2011

about the residency

Belfast-based artist Phil Hession had a residency in Fittja during the spring and autumn of 2011 and participated in the exhibition Fittja Open 2011. During these months, Phil Hession met people who live or work in Fittja and asked them to participate in singing workshops. During these meetings he taught traditional Irish songs while learning new songs from other cultural traditions. The workshops resulted in a series of short public performance pieces where Hession selected certain places around Fittja where he stood alone and sang at different times of the day. A number of audio recordings from Hession’s meetings with the people of Fittja were released in the form of a vinyl record Blås i hornet – Sounds of Fittja. On the record you can hear, among other things, a traditional Iraqi love ballad, as well as soul and hip-hop songs recorded at Ungdomens Hus in Fittja. This vinyl record is a kind of portrait of Fittja 2011, an archival material presented in the form of a work of art.

Curator: Finbar Rosato


Phil Hession. Fittja Open 2011. Photo: Isabel Löfgren

Phil Hession. Residence Botkyrka, 2011.

Phil Hession. Release of vinyl record Blås i Hornet – Sounds of Fittja at the Youth Centre (Ungdomens Hus) 2012

labyrint archive

Phil Hession
Blås i hornet – Sounds of Fittja
Vinyl record (available in Labyrint arkiv, Botkyrka konsthall)

Phil Hession returned to Fittja on the 13th December 2012 for the release of the record Blås i Hornet – Sounds of Fittja at Ungdomens Hus.

Phil Hession, Blås i Hornet – Sounds of Fittja, 2012

Phil Hession, Blås i Hornet – Sounds of Fittja, 2012

collaboration and support

Ungdomens Hus i Fittja, Mångkulturellt centrum and Botkyrkabyggen