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Paula Urbano



about the artist

Paula Urbano was born in Sweden to Chilean parents in exile and works with the exile experience of the second generation. In her work, notions of identity and migration are recurring themes, filtered through her personal experiences. She is also part of the interdisciplinary collective mdgh (Mapping the Unjust City) which explores and visualizes civil rights in relation to ownership of the
built urban environment.

Text from ARCHIVES: Itineraries to the Future (2019)

about the residency

During a couple of weeks of summer 2011, Paula Urbano set up a mobile recording studio on different sites of Fittja where she asked the inhabitants the question; what would your life have been like if you had stayed where you were born? Through the answers in the work Here and there we get an insight to how life had turned out for these people, around the world and in Sweden.

Text from Fittja Open 2011


Paula Urbano and Phil Hession in local media “Mitt i Botkyrka” 6 Sept. 2011

Paula Urbano, Here and There (2011). Installation in the exhibition ARCHIVES: Itineraries to the Future (2019. Photo: Hanna Ukura.

Botkyrka art collection

Paula Urbano
Here and there (2011)
Video, 17:48 min.

In the video work “Here and there”, artist Paula Urbano invites us to imagine what our lives would have been like if we had grown up somewhere else. In 2011, she spent a summer in Fittja, recording the stories of people passing by in her mobile recording
studio. Residents were asked questions like: how would your life look if you had stayed in the place you were born?

The work is part of Botkyrka municipality’s art collection since 2019.

collaboration and support

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