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The New Biennial for Art & Architecture in Botkyrka: The Flea Market!



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New Biennial for Art & Architecture in Bot­kyrka
17 September 2016 in Fittja
1 October 2016 – 31 January 2017 in Botkyrka konsthall, Tumba

This year’s edition of the New Biennial for Art & Architecture in Bot­kyrka takes the form of an art festival & flea market in the neighbour­hood of Fittja.

The New Biennial is an event that invites the community to explore the public space through new forms of art. It is a lo-fi and process-based format focusing on the intersection between contemporary art, com­munity engagement and architecture, en route to the new arts institu­tion that will be built in Fittja and ready to open in 2018 (edit: Botkyrka konsthall opened in Fittja, May 2019).

Together with Botkyrka konsthall, Abir Boukhari (AllArtNow) is co-curating the New biennial in Fittja and the exhibition Övergångar / Transitions that brings part of the flea market to Botkyrka konsthall in Tumba. Abir has been resident curator in Residence Botkyrka during the spring and summer of 2016.

Nya biennalen. Konstloppis. Botkyrka. 2016. Grafisk form: Sepidar Hosseini

artists and participants

THE FLEA MARKET: Residents of Fittja together with local organisations sell second hand clothes, objects, handicrafts, books and more.

NEDA RAZAVIPOUR (Teheran) In the art project Half Objects, Neda asks us to bring our broken, useless, non-functional but cherished objects to her at the Flea Market. Come by to share some of that nostalgia and see whether they can acquire new meanings, as part of an artwork.

AYHAN AYDIN & JOSEFIN VARGÖ (Botkyrka/Stockholm) Variations – what is the difference? Ayhan and Josefin offer a taste experience exploring how food may taste depending on how it has been produced. Try different variations and get in touch with the basic tastes.

JUNIOR RESIDENCE (Botkyrka) The unconventional summer job where a group of youths from Botkyrka explore their surroundings through an artistic process. This summer, the group decided to take on the idea of the “game” which turned into a large-scale, interac­tive board game that will spread out over Fittja Square and invite passers-by to take part.

FÄRGSÄTTARNA (Botkyrka) The creative collective Färgsättarna is a Botkyrka based network of young artists working in a variety of artistic expressions in an urban context. Their different styles and media enable them to take on all sorts of artistic challenges. Here in Fittja, they are documenting, bringing in various visual elements, and are running a “spray-paint-umbrellas” workshop for children.

BREEZE YOKO (Cape Town) Last November, Breeze spent a few frosty days painting the back of the Fittja Kitchen container, as part of his stay in Residence Bot­kyrka. Read more about his thoughts on painting in Fittja, and the striking pattern that originates from the African Nguni tradition, in the publication “DIN”. This time, he is joining Färgsättarna and will continue painting around the Fittja Kitchen.

LEIRE MESA & MARTA GIL (Botkyrka) The art collective from Alby with roots in Spain and the Basque Country creates art through body movements and visual expressions. In the workshop TWIST & SAW, participants are stretching their boundaries in a circus experience using a trapeze, paint and fabric to create a collective installation to the sound of live music! “Come dance, paint and fly with us.”

MUHAMMAD ALI (Damascus) Muhammad came to Fittja from Damascus in the spring. He has been a resident artist in Residence Botkyrka and is publishing an artist book showing his drawings which literarily illustrates his journey from Damascus to Europe. The book is released in Labyrint’s upcoming anthology this autumn. In Fittja, Muhammad’s work is engaging with the Flea Market and explores the relation between his hometown and Fittja.


collaboration and support

In collaboration with Mångkulturellt centrum, Botkyrkabyggen and Iaspis