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The New Biennial for Art & Architecture in Botkyrka



about the project

When the New Biennial for Art and Architecture in Botkyrka opens at Botkyrka konsthall in Tumba and in Fittja, it’s with a focus on the intersection between contemporary art and architecture en route to a new art institution. Botkyrka konsthall will open a branch for contemporary art in Fittja after five years of running the residence programme, Residence Botkyrka. From an apartment in Fittja, artists and architects have over the past few years created site-specific works that explore the possibilities of Sweden’s Million Programme.

Botkyrka konsthall in Fittja is a place that extends through a borough and a housing area. Sometimes the spaces are pre-existing buildings – like the Cube above Ungdomens Hus, or momentarily housed in association premises. In other cases art is presented in the public space or in temporary buildings such as the kitchen container from Cape Town that will be Botkyrka konsthall’s first addition in the form of new architecture in Fittja. Botkyrka konsthall in Fittja is an arts institution that is open to future practices of contemporary art and architecture; it is an institution that grows organically, that operates internationally through the local context and that produces new knowledge rather than representing the already existing.

In connection with the 14th International Architecture Biennale, Botkyrka konsthall presented the Fittja Pavilion in Venice, where its residency artists and architects presented artworks, ideas and models that now take new forms for the New Biennial for Art and Architecture in Botkyrka.


Artists and architects: Mats Andersson, Ayhan Aydin, Johanna Billing, DK-CM, Döne Delibas, Mats Eriksson, Derek Gripper, Hillevi Gebring, Mako Ishizuka, Elsa Jannborg, Junior Residence, Aron Kullander-Östling, Kultivator, Thomas Liljenberg, Tor Lindstrand, Elena Mazzi, Militza Monteverde, Lorenzo Nassimbeni, OPENrestaurant, Michael Orchard, Jelena Rundqvist, Bo Samuelsson, Pia Sandström, James Webb, Jakob Wiklander, Karl-Jonas Winqvist, Steuart Wright, Tarek Zaki, among others…

Curatorial team at Botkyrka konsthall: Joanna Sandell, Tor Lindstrand, Anneli Bäckman, Miriam Andersson Blecher, Katrin Behdjou Arshi, Martin Rørtoft. Art educators: Saadia Hussain & Kerstin Gezelius. Co-ordinators: Anna Jönsson & Johanna Fogel. Intern: Anne Pfennig. Technicians: Patrick Dallard, Gandalf Adelbrandt, Kaspar Druml. Graphic design: Aron Kullander-Östling


collaborations and support

KTH – School of Architecture, Mångkulturellt Centrum, Verdandi, Botkyrka kvinnoResursCenter, Iaspis, Botkyrkabyggen, Swedish Arts Council, Kulturbryggan, Gertrude & Ivar Philipsons Stiftelse, Fredricsons Trä