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Michael Orchard



about the artist

The architect Michael Orchard (South Africa) pursues sustainable architecture through New Earth Architecture, whether it be creating plans for renovating monasteries in Nepal or researching how art and Internet cafés can be included in Africa’s informal settlements. Together with Sandy Adams he has adapted a container to become The Fittja Kitchen, that is Botkyrka konsthall’s first addition of new architecture in Fittja.

From the programme of the New Biennial for Art and Architecture in Botkyrka 2014.

about the residency

Michael Orchard had a research residency connected to the development of the Fittja Kitchen, in the late autumn of 2013.


Michael Orchard. Container for the Fittja Kitcheb. 2014. Foto: Simon Berg

Michael Orchard. Fittjakökets container. 2014. Foto: Simon Berg