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Matthijs de Bruijne



about the artist

Matthijs de Bruijne’s (b. 1967, The Netherlands) artistic practice is based in, and is part of, political involvement. His work explores the relations between economy, culture and social life in order to achieve critical collective consciousness. During the last years it has taken the form of collaboration with trade unions and other labour organizations.

about the residency

From June till September 2010 Matthijs de Bruijne will stay in the Residency Botkyrka. During this period he will use the tool of recording dreams another time and will look for dreams of the workers without papers, an invisible part of the Swedish population. The workers without papers are one of the people who move the economy forward everyday but whose crucial position is not reflected in a serious legal and financial condition. In their dreams stories, experiences, fears and fantasies will arise from their invisible existence and create a new and perceptible reality.

The dreams will be shown in September in an installation that will be made for ‘Fittja Open’, an art event in the public space of Fittja and Alby.


Matthijs de Bruijne, Daily Dream, 2010

Matthijs de Bruijne, Daily Dream, 2010

Matthijs de Bruijne, Daily Dream, 2010

Fittja Open 2010

In collaboration with The Multicultural Centre, Matthijs de Bruijne has met undocumented migrant workers in Botkyrka. They have recounted recurring nightly dreams that express their experiences of living and working here. Anonymized and translated into Swedish, you can now find five of the dreams pasted on blue notice boards in various places in Fittja. In Dagliga drömmen (Daily Dream), the artist thus makes voices that are rarely – or never – heard, visible in the public space. (Fittja Open 2010)

collaborations and support

Stiftelsen Framtidens kultur, Mångkulturellt centrum and Botkyrkabyggen.