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Marjetica Potrč & Design for the Living World (HFBK)



about the project

rofessor Marjetica Potrč and students: Bernhard Niklaas Karger, Johanna Padge, Till Richter, William Schwartz, Mai Shirato, Julia Suwalski and Nuriye Tohermes had a joint residency in the late summer of 2012.


about the residency

During Fittja Open 2012 the group collaborated with OPENrestaurant, Kultivator and the Royal Inst. of Art and created the Common Roof Kitchen in Fittja, a temporary meeting place where residents and artists shared drinks, meals, recipes, stories and dreams about Fittja and its future.

The group constructed a roof, tables and benches, that made a place for Open Cafe located in front of Residence Botkyrka’s kitchen window; where a collection of local bread and recipes culminating into The Bread Library, and opened a platform to discuss and envision a self-sustainable future, mediated through The World According to Fittja map.

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collaboration and support

The Common Roof Kitchen was collaboration between the University of Fine Arts/HFBK (Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg) in Hamburg, Germany, the Royal Inst. of Art in Stockholm, Kultivator and OPENrestaurant.

Mångkulturellt centrum, Verdandi and Botkyrkabyggen.