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Malgorzata Markiewicz



about the artist

Małgorzata Markiewicz (b. 1979) is an artist based in Krakow, Poland.

about the residency

The collaboration with Botkyrka Women’s Resource Center (BRC) was both inspiring and challenging. In Botkyrka I saw the diversity of society with different contexts and conditions. I wondered what I could offer, and how I could create a worthwhile project together with BRC for such a short time. I felt the great potential amongst the women, but didn’t want to suggest making another tablecloth or curtain. I have tried to locate my work and myself carefully in that particular context. - Małgorzata Markiewicz
It was a challenge sewing someone else’s design, but after a while it felt good. We learned a lot during the process of collaborating with Małgorzata. The goal of our organization is to make visible the work, skills, and resources available amongst our women. Through this collaboration we have an opportunity to show this collection, that we also want to continue working with in the future. - Shahina Begum, director at Botkyrka Women’s Resource Center


exhibition at botkyrka konsthall

Małgorzata Markiewicz
House, Home, Domesticity
21 September – 1 December, 2013
Botkyrka konsthall in Tumba

In the exhibition House, Home, Domesticity, the artist Małgorzata Markiewicz dismantles the structure of the house and searches for new meanings and definitions of the place we inhabit and call our home. The house is a multilayered structure. It brings in architecture and the surrounding environment including economic and social factors. In Małgorzata’s work, different aspects of our living spaces are explored; the house as a building, home as a state of mind, and the process of domesticating a space. What does home mean to you?

Curators: Joanna Sandell och Anneli Bäckman

samarbeten och stöd

Polska institutet i Stockholm
Botkyrka KvinnoResursCenter