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LOCIS: Aleksandra Wasilkowska, Magda Wegrzyn, Agnes Mohlin, Luis Filipe Rocha, Naomi Draper



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LOCIS was a collaborative arts programme between Leitrim County Council Arts Office, the arts department of a rural local authority in Ireland; the Centre of Contemporary Art in Toruń, an arts centre in a large provincial town in Poland; and Residence Botkyrka, an artists’ residency programme in a suburb of Sweden’s capital city.

LOCIS and Residence Botkyrka invited Polish architect Aleksandra Wasilkowska to lead a workshop from Fittja with four other artists and architects from Sweden, Ireland and Poland.


Naomi Draper (Ireland), Agnes Mohlin (Sweden), Luis Filipe Rocha (Sweden), Aleksandra Wasilkowska (Poland) and Magda Węgrzyn (Poland).


presentation i botkyrka konsthall

One Million to One
Naomi Draper, Agnes Mohlin, Luis Filipe Rocha, Aleksandra Wasilkowska, Magda Węgrzyn
26 October – 23 November, 2014, Botkyrka konsthall in Tumba

One Million to One is an exhibition that takes place in the most private room of a home – the bathroom – and that is dedicated to one person alone. The exhibition challenges notions of ‘audience’ and ‘artwork’ in which the exhibition is usually the final destination of an artwork, a point where the work is presented to a broader audience. The art experience is usually intended for as many as possible. In One Million to One, the artists reverse Duchamp’s Fountain gesture in which an everyday object, a urinal, was reformulated into an artwork. Instead the artwork returns to the bathroom and becomes an exclusive object, hidden from the view of the broad public. Art is not eternal – it changes and vanishes, melting into our everyday lives with their invisible rituals and taboos. Or, as Stephen Hicks summarizes Duchamp’s message: ‘Art is something you piss on.’

The exhibition opened with a seminar at Botkyrka konsthall. In addition to the artists and architects in the exhibition, Katarina Bonnevier, architect, researcher and artist, and Zöhre Alici, whose bathroom was the location of the exhibition, participated.

Curator: Anneli Bäckman

labyrint archive

Editor: Anneli Bäckman. Graphic design:
Contributing writers:
Labyrint Press, 2014

The publication is available to read / download online and in Labyrint archive, Botkyrka konsthall.

As well as documenting the six residencies which made up the programme, this publication also contains essays by three writers who were asked to reflect on the programme in their country and to consider how residencies relate to their contexts and/or provide developmental opportunities for artists in a particular location. In addition, three other writers Doreen Massey, Anik See and Saša Nabergoj were invited by the three curators to write essays on broader topics of specific interest to the three partners.

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