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LOCIS: Dominic Stevens, Jorun Kugelberg, Ewa Axelrad, Mattias Åkeson, Elaine Reynolds



about the project

Locis was a collaborative arts programme between Leitrim County Council Arts Office, the arts department of a rural local authority in Ireland; the Centre of Contemporary Art in Toruń, an arts centre in a large provincial town in Poland; and Residence Botkyrka, an artists’ residency programme in a suburb of Sweden’s capital city.


Dominic Stevens (Ireland), Jorun Kugelberg (Sweden), Elaine Reynolds (Ireland), Mattias Åkeson (Sweden) and Ewa Axelrad (Poland)

We are five artists who had the opportunity, under the Locis programme, to meet together and explore the relationships and potential synergies between our practices. We have each worked with themes concerning the relationships between people and the places they inhabit. More specifically, the relationship between body and space, ideas around architecture as a social product, the ways in which architectural space exerts control and the relationship between formally and informally created space.

about the residency

Through periods of immersion and distancing, zooming in and out, we have come to try and understand Fittja. We had two visits and in between we continued our conversations online. During our time apart, Fittja stayed for each of us as an important point of reference for our individual research.

We met with citizens, planners, researchers, people from both within the structures of power and people upon whom that power is visited. Through experiencing streets, shops, fields, people and conversations that were new to us, we have expanded our mental maps of the world and reconfigured our perceptions of the places from which we came.

We see ourselves as outsiders or guests in this place, and our research as being wholly subjective.


exhibition in botkyrka konsthall

What can be described can also take place
Dominic Stevens, Jorun Kugelberg, Elaine Reynolds, Mattias Åkeson och Ewa Axelrad in collaboration with Steve Press
14 December 2013 – 26 January 2014
Botkyrka konsthall in Tumba

Fittja was born of a vision, a dream for a bright new future and its existence is littered with new visions, plans for ‘development’, ‘liftings’ and ‘peoples palaces’. In keeping with this, we will use the form of the proposal to construct an exhibition that communicates visions of work that we want to realise. Proposals that speak from Fittja but look at a whole spectrum of wider concerns.

“What can be described can also take place”
Wittgenstein: Tractus Logico Philisophicus

labyrint archive

Editor: Anneli Bäckman. Graphic design: Padraig Cunningham.
Labyrint Press (2015)

As well as documenting the six residencies which made up the programme, this publication also contains essays by three writers who were asked to reflect on the programme in their country and to consider how residencies relate to their contexts and/or provide developmental opportunities for artists in a particular location. In addition, three other writers Doreen Massey, Anik See and Saša Nabergoj were invited by the three curators to write essays on broader topics of specific interest to the three partners.

The book can be read and downloaded online and is available in Labyrint Archive.

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