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Junior Residence 2021



about the project

2 meters of proximity and distance – what did you find and what did you lose?
8 October, 2022 – 14 January, 2023
The entrance to Botkyrka Konsthall and Fittja Library

During the autumn, a series of art installations will be displayed in the entrance to Botkyrka Konsthall and Fittja library. Here we meet six young artists who speak about their experiences during the pandemic.

Starting from the idea of “2 meters of proximity and distance”, the artists in the Junior Residence have explored and expressed deeply personal subjects. Each artwork conveys a unique story and together they provide a multi-faceted insight into what it’s like to be young and deal with the challenges that the pandemic has brought, but also what it’s like to gain new perspectives, and perhaps discover something new.

Lukas Malmqvist
Jagana Oyunjargal Khasdorj
Molly Johansson
Elias Ketola
Hania Jan
Gellila Tadesse

about Junior Residence

Junior Residence is a three-week residency for young creatives based in Botkyrka, who get the opportunity to explore, experiment and create their own collective art project.

Youths aged 15-18 can apply for a paid summer job through the municipality’s recruitment agency, and through a process of interviews, a group of 6 individuals are selected for the residency. Artistic leaders and pedagogues are: Saadia Hussain and Kerstin Gezelius.

We place great emphasis on bringing together individuals from different parts of the municipality and with different interests and backgrounds, and no one needs to have any previous knowledge of art, even if most have some form of creative practice going.



Junior Residence is a collaboration between the Multicultural Centre and Botkyrka Konsthall.