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Junior Residence 2019



about the project

Marking and Masking Emotions

The process took its starting point at the contemporary art biennial Momentum 10 in Moss, (Norway) that presented “The Emotional Exhibition”. It became an investigation of artistic expressions, the biennial format where exhibitions and works of art were scattered in several places in the city, and the theme that invited us to feel the art.

The theme of “emotions” was further developed by Junior Residence who produce their own masks that both conveyed and hid complex emotions and stories, brought from their experiences. The group took the masks out into the public space and created performative situations in Skärholmen and in Fittja and along the subway’s red line, as well as during the event Fittja Food & Art on September 14, 2019, where a performance took place in Botkyrka Konsthall.

Alazar Tadesse
Alma Cedvall
Julia Aref
Kenji Sakurai
Reesha Xylene Acupan
Sara Granberg

about Junior Residence

Junior Residence is a three-week residency for young creatives based in Botkyrka, who get the opportunity to explore, experiment and create their own collective art project.

Youths aged 15-18 can apply for a paid summer job through the municipality’s recruitment agency, and through a process of interviews, a group of 6 individuals are selected for the residency. Artistic leaders and pedagogues are: Saadia Hussain and Kerstin Gezelius.


Junior Residence is a collaboration between the Multicultural Centre and Botkyrka Konsthall.