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Junior Residence 2018



about the project


The group had the opportunity to take an inspirational and research trip to Wanå’s sculpture park where they encountered art in a different outdoor environment, and explored work based on the theme of “moral courage”. In an increasingly intolerant and polarized society, it can be difficult to publicly express one’s opinion. One may need protection or a shield for the courage to speak out.

In Wanås, they met with choreographer Peter Mills and investigated the body’s movements and relation to the outside world. The work continued in Fittja where the group produced sculptural works in the form of shields that conveyed their own thoughts and reflections on society. During the annual art event Fittja Food & Art on September 15, 2018, the group made a performance at the Fittja square and by The Fittja Kitchen’s art containers.

Alia Hashimpor
Dorian Nymark
Fahad Sameer
Frida Yousef
Monika Diaz
Shokrullah Khorasani


about Junior Residence

Junior Residence is a three-week residency for young creatives based in Botkyrka, who get the opportunity to explore, experiment and create their own collective art project.

Youths aged 15-18 can apply for a paid summer job through the municipality’s recruitment agency, and through a process of interviews, a group of 6 individuals are selected for the residency. Artistic leaders and pedagogues are: Saadia Hussain and Kerstin Gezelius.

We place great emphasis on bringing together individuals from different parts of the municipality and with different interests and backgrounds, and no one needs to have any previous knowledge of art, even if most have some form of creative practice going.


Junior Residence is a collaboration between the Multicultural Centre and Botkyrka Konsthall.