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Junior Residence 2013



about the project

Junior Residence presents projects and work from the summer activities like the Creative Camp of the Presidents: photo, monumental work and interventions made by children and youths in Botkyrka.

21 september, 2013 at the Multicultural Centre, part of the annual art event Fittja Open that is taking place for the fourth time, hosting a range of new art experiences in the Fittja area. This year we focus on ideas and dreams about the home; how much can we in fact influence the place where we live?


Junior Residence, Fittja Open 2013. Photo: Simon Berg

Junior Residence, Fittja Open 2013. Photo: Simon Berg

about Junior Residence

Junior Residence is a platform for young, socially engaged art and design. It is part of Residence Botkyrka, an international artist in residence program where artists from all over the world come to Fittja and create art that may just as well turn into a café, or a role-playing game, like a sculpture.

Art pedagogue: Erik Annerborn.


Junior Residence is a collaboration between the Multicultural Centre and Botkyrka Konsthall.