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Isabel Löfgren



about the artist

Isabel Löfgren (b. 1975) lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

about the residency

In 2011 Isabel Löfgren began working on her artistic research project The Satellite City through Residence Botkyrka’s programme. A site-specific and participatory project that investigated the relation between transnational media, art and hospitality in the suburbs through the numerous satellite dishes that covered the buildings’ facades on Krögarvägen in Fittja. Through the project Isabel met with several families in the neighbourhood, to discuss the importance of the TV in the daily life, and in exchange the apartment’s satellite dish got a neon-coloured covered the brightened up the residential street.

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Book release and presentation in the archive

In connection to the exhibition Unfinished Histories (12 March – 27 August, 2022) documentation from The Satellite City is shown as part of Residence Botkyrka’s archive, and framed by interiors from Residence Botkyrka’s apartment, which was designed by Birger Lipinski & Laercio Redondo during their residency period in 2011.

Isabel Löfgren’s research has later been published in the book Satellite Lifelines: Media, Art, Migration and the Crisis of Hospitality in Divded Cities (2020). It is an adapted version of her PhD thesis that discusses hospitality and artistic practices in relation to Residence Botkyrka’s site specific and participatory programme in Fittja.

The book can be read and purchased online.

collaboration and support

Mångkulturellt centrum, Verdandi and Botkyrkabyggen.