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Gülbeden Kulbay



about the artist

Gülbeden Kulbay (b.1981) works interdisciplinary with performance, video art and community art. She often takes her point of departure from a place from where personal stories unfold, speaking of topics such as identity, one’s own body and healing. She describes her artistic process as a work of liberation focusing on taking back power over her life. No one is free until we are all free!

My art is manifested in my body and in my relations. My body is my starting point, my material and tool, and functions as an extension of our being on this planet. Intuition is my carrier and meetings are my inspiration. The body, movement and space, are my image. Gülbeden Kulbay

about the residence

The residency research formed the basis for the work (2023) that is now part of Botkyrka’s art collection and was installed at Albt Matcenter in May 2023.


Botkyrka art collection

Gülbeden Kulbay’s 3 part video work depicts food as a love language, and takes us through the lengthy process that is required to prepare the dish Mantı. It is a story about the cooked and edible craft, which is also a carrier of family relationships and traditions.

The work was presented

collaboration and support

Alby Matcenter