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Flat Octopus: Anna Cherednikova



about the project

Flat Octopus presented the weekend event Unwanted Garden by Anna Cherednikova in Residence Botkyrka’s apartment (10-12 February, 2023). Curated by Juanma González.

When a man settled and abandoned hunting as the primary living activity and started cultivating the soil, he began a long relationship with plants. Since the beginning of agriculture, humanity has selected those plants that, for one reason or another, have seemed to be better: by the size of the fruit or the seed, by the shape, by the color, by their resistance to diseases…

At the same time, there are also undesirable plants: weeds and adventive plants. Those plants which appear in the wrong places, where humans do not want them to be. Every year the EU spends millions of euros to prevent them from growing, using pesticides or getting rid of them manually. Some of these plants were introduced by human activities through trade exchange or migration.

Through my personal narration and images, I invite the viewer to question what is seen, what determines our perception, as well as to reflect on fundamental questions that exist in the life of a human being – like time, sprouting, unfolding, leaving traces and decay.

The exhibition in Botkyrka brings together my projects: The Garden of Migrations, 2019, the Study of Resistance, 2020, and some of the works from my stay in Matsudo in Japan, 2021.
During two days in Botkyrka we will together create a new work – a garden at home.

Anna Cherednikova.

Anna Cherednikova, The study of resistance (2020). Photo: Anna Cherednikova

about the artist

Anna Cherednikova (b. 1986) is educated in Fine Arts at Universidad Complutense in Madrid and received Postmaster education at Kungliga Konsthögskolan in Stockholm.
She mainly works with photography and installation where she explores the relationship between man and nature. Her work has previously been shown at B93 and XPO Gallery in the Netherlands, Arena Gallery, in Arles, France, Armenia Art Fair and Liljevalchs Konsthall, to name a few.

about flat octopus

Flat Octopus is an international artist- and curator-run collective in Stockholm, Sweden, initiated in 2019. It consists of seven people of different professional and cultural backgrounds. Flat Octopus organises exhibitions in different apartments located in Stockholm, as well as external collaborations and projects.
Flat Octopus are: Edit Fándly, Juanma González, Paulina Granat, Amr Hamid, Alice Máselníková and Erik Wijkström.


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