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Fittja Open 2013



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Fittja Open
21 September – 6 October 2013

The annual art event Fittja Open is taking place for the fourth time, hosting a range of new art experiences in the Fittja area. This year we focus on ideas and dreams about the home; how much can we in fact influence the place where we live?

Botkyrka konsthall introduced its context specific residency program, Residence Botkyrka, in 2010. The home for the residency is Fittja, and from now on much more of Botkyrka konsthall’s program will take place here.

The opening weekend of Fittja Open, September 21–22, invites you to an array of events: in the exhibition House, Home, Domesticity, located at Botkyrka konsthall in Tumba, Małgorzata Markiewicz dismantles the construct of the house and searches for new meanings and definitions of the place we inhabit and call our home.

In Fittja Anna Ådahl’s sculptural installation Public Matter is being shown for the first time in our
new exhibition space in Fittja, Kuben, located above Ungdomens Hus. Public Matter presents objects from Fittja’s public spaces, objects whose appearance and shape have been affected by the regular use of people.

You will also experience works and projects by the architect duo DK-CM from London in collaboration with KTH School of Architecture, Resident Botkyrka’s current artist Richard Dore, Fittja’s and Botkyrka konsthall’s own food ecologist Ayhan Aydin, Junior Residence, as well as artists Åsa Andersson Broms and Donatella Bernardi along with the Royal Institute of Art and YAPP in Botkyrka.


collaboration and support

Royal Institute of Art, KTH School of Architecture, Polish Institute in Stockholm, Botkyrka The Multicultural Centre, Botkyrkabyggen