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Faten Chouba



about the artist

Faten Chouba (b. 1970) is a Tunisian visual artist. In her artistic practice, the feminine elements are always present, appearing through different myths, as Aphrodite and Pandora, as well as the sea – the womb of wombs, a place of all births and legends. An alchemy fusing the real and the imagined with the material world to evoke what is extraordinary and paradoxical. She is using a variety of media and techniques, and is interested in how collective imaginations and unconscious memories is channelled through anthropomorphism and symbolic representations.

about the residency

In December 2018, Faten Chouba was invited to Residence Botkyrka through a collaboration with curator Abir Boukhari (AllArtNow). An artist talk was held with Faten in Residence Botkyrka’s apartment in Fittja on the 15th December.

One of the most beautiful memories that remains in my mind from when I lived in Botkyrka, is the meeting with members of my deceased father's family who lives in Stockholm not far from the residence apartment without my knowledge. When I announced on social media that I was staying in Botkyrka, they were surprised and called me immediately, and I was invited to their house for dinner and to meet their family members. It was a beautiful meeting full of feelings and memories. - Faten Chouba


collaboration and support

A collaboration between Residence Botkyrka, AllArtNow and the Ministry of Culture of Tunisia.