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Elina Ylhäisi



about the artist

Elina Ylhäisi (b. 1988 in Kisko, Finland) lives and works in Stockholm.

Her artistic practise is focused on rural areas, house plants, and observing and creating encounters between humans. She uses techniques such as storytelling, installations and drawing.

about the residency

Elina had a residency in Fittja in the winter 2016-2017 where she explored her site specific work that was later published in her MA thesis “Spending time in Fittja – Artistic research about the smallest possible art educational act”.

I spent time during 5.12.2016-13.1.2017 at Fittja centrum (neighborhood in southern Stockholm) and close by it, at public and semi public space during the office hours. The only aim of my being was to see what will happen if anything. I wrote a log everyday.

collaboration and support

The residency received funding from the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture.