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Dzamil Kamanger & Kalle Hamm



about the artist

Art is not an end in itself for artist Kalle Hamm from Finland and his colleague Dzamil Kamanger from Iranian Kurdistan. Their works occupy an intermediate zone between art, design and handicraft, and are often sparked off everyday things.

In their works, the artist duo Hamm and Kamanger explore cultural interaction and the global movements of plants and people. Their themes range from imported colonial produce to stories from abandoned Iranian village.

about the residency

Kalle & Dzamil first came to Fittja during Fittja Open 2011 when the artists performed Pizzeria Babylon at the local pizzeria and grill, as part of the opening event. They later came back in 2012 doing a another collaboration with the pizzeria Take Away-Art and later in the year, they participated in Fittja Open 2012 with the an adaptation of the work Immigrant Garden installed by the garden allotment.

We both, me and Dzamil, have a background working in kebab-pizzeria in Helsinki, Dzamil much longer than me. In those days, we were dreaming about the better future, me as an art student and Dzamil as a refugee. While working in the kebab-pizzeria we started to think, how we can use our poor position to provide something which can help others to understand the difficult position of refugee of those days . In the end, we created the conceptual Pizzeria Babylon, which became later a kind of umbrella title for the several artworks, happenings and interventions, where we were dealing with issues of migration, integration and exclusion. The owner and workers of the Amore had middle-eastern cultural background, and they welcomed our Free Pizza concept and took part enthusiastically. Kalle Hamm (2020)


collaboration and support

The residency received funding from the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture.

Mångkulturellt centrum, Restaurant Amorina and Botkyrkabyggen.