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ARCHIVES: Itineraries to the Future
18 May – 14 September, 2019

The first presentation of the Archive was curated in collaboration with Abir Boukhari, co-founder of AllArtNow and opened together with the exhibition From Here during Botkyrka Konsthall’s grand opening in Fittja in 2019.

At Residence Botkyrka, Abir has been interested in connecting with artists in the diaspora as well as reflecting on issues of displacement and exile. In her recent projects, she suggested “the archive” as a way of understanding the creative chronology of moments and place. In the archive of Residence Botkyrka, she has selected a number of works that were produced before, during or after artists’ stays in Fittja, or works that engage with the multi-layered experiences of the place – suggesting an itinerary for the future.


Paula Urbano, Nisrine Boukhari, Muhammad Ali, Khaled Ramadan, Pia Sandström, Maja Steen and Esme Bulduk & Zeliha Agrali. Curator: Abir Boukhari in collaboration with Botkyrka konsthall.


collaboration and support

A collaboration between Residence Botkyrka and AllArtNow.