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Amina Seid Tahir & Sara Rad



about the artist

Stockholm-based artists Amina Seid Tahir and Sara Rad continued an exploration of various aspects of rest and recovery through their residency during the summer 2023. The collaboration is a continuation of the intervention vilopaus that took place in December 2022.

about the residency

During our residency week, we took the opportunity to invite and meet with new people. The most interesting conversations have taken place over a coffee or during our walks with a cup of tea. The apartment has functioned as an open place for anyone who would like to drop by and stay for a moment, or two. Several times, conversations have resulted in us realizing how important community is. Most people are open for contact. We experienced that when we met with Basima, an elderly lady in the allotment garden who generously shared her cultivation knowledge, or the children who curiously peeked in through the kitchen window. We entered this residency with the goal of researching ideas for a rest and recovery festival but came out with thoughts of creating something more recurring and permanent. Ideas for a space for our global majority community to gather and learn, and to share tools for rest and well-being. As Tricia Hersey writes in the introduction to her book "Rest is resistance", rest is much more powerful and politically charged than we can imagine.