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Al Fadhil



about the artist

Al Fadhil (b. 1954, Iraq) is a visual artist based in Switzerland.

Al Fadhil graduated from the Institute of Arts in Baghdad in 1977. After completing his studies at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence, he starts his practice as an artist at the beginning of the eighties. From the beginning of the nineties, he has been drawn towards social, political and economic themes, in the spirit of a new awareness of the communicative and political force of art. His research, developed through projects and activities with debates about “the visual and textual testimony” that leads the spectator towards a reflective state in which he also becomes one of the participants, guided by points of reference that range from the artist’s private life and his cosmopolitan existence, to problems relating to his homeland and the social emergence.

about the residency

Al Fadhil was invited to Residence Botkyrka in April 2017 by curator Abir Boukhari who hosted a series of programmes and residencies through AllArtNow. During his stay, he asked neighbours if they wanted their portrait drawn, and invited them to view the drawings and join an artist talk in the apartment.

In September 2017, Al Fadhil joined the festival Fittja Food & Art with the collective work Baghdad Cafe that has been developing since 2003 as a reaction against the war in Iraq.


collaboration and support