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about the artist

aghili/karlsson (Stockholm, Sweden) is an artist duo working in the field of performing and visual arts. Nasim Aghili (artist, director and writer) and Björn Karlsson’s (artist and horticulturist) work is often performed as a conversation around experiences of different kinds of exile and the need to mourn and heal.

How do we create new communities and how do we take care of one another?

about the residency

aghili/karlsson was invited to Residence Botkyrka to develop a project in collaboration with school children in Botkyrka, taking the local neighbourhood forests as their point of departure for an explorative art project that was later presented as the exhibition Jangal at Botkyrka Konsthall.

Outside the apartment on Krögarvägen 26, Björn Karlsson has created a herbal garden for the local neighbourhood. The artist duo also hosts tea rituals that brings together collective processes, languages and experiences with the aim to form new spaces and communities.


exhibition in Botkyrka Konsthall

9 October, 2021 – 29 January, 2022

The exhibition Jangal brings the plays and the rituals that are formed in the forests, into the art space and builds a story to listen to with your feet, and experience with your hands.

In Jangal, the artistically performed forest, we are moving along with the memories of the body. Here you will find fairy nests, a balance tree, climbing sculptures and huts that speaks in poetry. Here, we can imagine other worlds and relationships, beyond the reality where only human beings are at the centre of the world, exploiting the resources of nature.

The artist duo wish to bring the forest into the art space and art into the public space, as a beginning of a conversation on climate change, community and the power of the imagination to create something new together.

In Botkyrka Konsthall, the visitors are invited to a forest that is directly inspired by the duo’s collaboration with primary school children in Botkyrka.

Jangal is an art project that continues from our previous work, and that speaks about the magic of nature, climate activism and the decentralization of the human being as the superior being of all other living things.

collaborations and support

Collaborating schools: Parkhemsskolan, Tullingebergsskolans förskoleklass, Eklidsskolan and Freinetsskolan Kastanjens förskoleklass.

The project was supported by the Swedish Arts Council through Skapande Skola.

Residence Botkyrka is supported by Botkyrkabyggen.