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After more than 10 years of running the international residency programme Residence Botkyrka in Fittja, Botkyrka Konsthall is gathering an archive of temporal artistic processes holding traces and memories that weaves the history of Residence Botkyrka. The purpose is to make the history accessible for the neighbours, audiences, and future residence artists who are interested in engaging with and building upon the ideas that have accumulated over the years. It also brings an opportunity to reflect on the future as a community.

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The Fittja Kitchen Cookbook
Notes on Saltfish and Ackee
Harun Morrison
Saltfish and ackee is commonly recognised as Jamaica’s national dish. Yet how do we even begin to think and talk of nationhood in the case of a Caribbean island? And when does Jamaica become a nation? (bearing in mind Jamaica gained independence from Britain in 1962). As numerous Caribbean philosophers and poets have observed and Derek Walcott articulated: “Where is your tribal memory? Sirs, in that grey vault. The sea has locked them all. The sea is history.”
The Fittja Kitchen Cookbook
Kulturens Mamma - a platform for food, art and community farming in the neighborhood of Fittja
Sarasvati Shrestha
A conversation between the artist, educator and gardener Sarasvati Shrestha and curator Anneli Bäckman on art and farming in urban spaces.

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archive threads

The Fittja Kitchen Cookbook

The Fittja Kitchen Cookbook

The Fittja Kitchen Cookbook is a living archive bringing together artistic practices that have emerged out of an interdisciplinary field of food, gardening, and a neighbourhood.

The first edition highlights practices and ideas that have grown out of an apartment kitchen and into the public space and become an integral part of Botkyrka konsthall in Fittja. It gathers recipes, interviews and reflections on cooking and hosting, as well as growing food to be shared together. It will also gather a broad selection of recipes and food stories from artists and neighbours, as well as documentation on key events that frame the practice around the kitchen.